Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Q. Do I have to purchase a standard plan?
A. We will be happy to manufacture your North Fork Log Home according to your own custom floor plans if you prefer.

Q. How is shipping handled?
A. Due to variances in building site locations, it is impossible to determine a single shipping rate for everybody. We will quote a competitive price to deliver your North Fork Log Home to your building site or to an alternative site if tractor trailer delivery is not possible. Keep in mind weight limits on bridges, overpasses, and narrow roadways.

Q. How will I unload my log home from the delivery trucks?
A. You will need to arrange for equipment to unload your North Fork Log Home at your building site. Bear in mind that the equipment should have a minimum of 5000 pounds lifting capacity. We will be happy to speak with you and your local equipment contractor to coordinate delivery and answer questions.

Q. Is it possible for me to assemble my North Fork Log Home package by myself?
A. YES. With basic carpentry skills, adequate labor force, and hand tools, you can assemble your North Fork Log Home package without the aid of a contractor.

Q. How is my electrical wiring routed in my North Fork Log Home.
A. Most wiring is done in a conventional manner through interior partitions. Our base log has a recessed channel to accommodate most of your wiring needs.

Q. Is my entire North Fork Log Home package pre-cut?
A. Due to differences in some building techniques, a few components of your log home package will need to be measured and cut precisely at your building site. However, the majority of your North Fork Log Home package is pre-cut to length.